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Tennis News

The day when Federer started the tennis conquest

Roger Federer is the most successful tennis player of all time, and on this day 20 ...
Tennis News

Sampras: Nadal can crash Federer’s record

Legendary US tennis player Pit Sampras said Rafael Nadal has a good chance to bring down ...
Tennis News

Kyrgios: Tomic is lost

The Australian tennis player has dismissed any comparisons with his compatriot Bernard Tomic, who has lately ...
Tennis News

Nadal: Federer’s record is reachable

Rafael Nadal is convinced that he can beat Federer by the number of crown trophies and ...
Tennis News

Đoković confirmed: I’m going back to the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic has announced that he will return to the Australian Open the following year. The ...
Tennis News

Definitely: No line-ups at the Milan tournament

There will be no line judges in the tournament of the best young tennis players in ...
Tennis News

Nadal and Federer will be the first to finish the season in London

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal secured a place in the final Masters season in London. Switzerland ...
Tennis News

Vilander: Only Djokovic can endanger Nadal on a slow surface

Former Swedish tennis player Mats Vilander believes that only Novak Djokovic can endanger Raphael Nadal on ...
Tennis News

Nadal was firmly on the top, Djokovic fell to the sixth place

Novak Djokovic fell to the sixth place in the ATP list, while Rafael Nadal clung to ...
Basketball News

Euroleague has proposed a new calendar for the basketball season

Euroleague has proposed a new calendar for the basketball season to clubs, domestic leagues, coaches, players ...